York Historic Environment Characterisation Project

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The 'City of York Historic Environment Characterisation Project' (YHECP) is part of English Heritage's characterisation programme. The project ran from May 2012 to December 2013 and was supported by a substantial grant from English Heritage.

The study area included the historic core and suburbs of York, up to the outer ring road (the A1237 and A64). The documents relating to the historic core are meant to be read in conjunction with the Central Conservation Area Character Appraisals.

The results of this study are contained in 76 character statements written about each of the project character areas.

An overview document has been compiled to give further details of the project in terms of basic background, history, geology, topography, the connections between York’s 6 principal characteristics and methodology used.

About characterisation

Characterisation helps to manage change in the historic environment by tracing the imprint of history and showing how the past exists within today's world. It is a vital tool for developers and planners to make sure that a place's historical identity contributes properly to everyone's quality of life.

Further information on characterisation can be found on the Historic Environment Local Management website.

For further information, see our interactive character area map.

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