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FOI Disclosure Log May 2022

Use our Disclosure Logs before you make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to check whether we've answered a similar query recently under FOI or Environmental Information Regulations (EIR).

FOI requests in May 2022

To enquire about one of the FOI request we answered in May 2022, quote the reference number shown in this log:

Response date Reference number Summary of request Outcome
03/05/2022 CGT07974 Child deaths in York No response sent (FOI)
03/05/2022 CGT08316 Child protection investigations that involved a child with a disability Responded in full (FOI)
03/05/2022 CGT08460 Asylum seeking children treated as adults by the Home Office Responded in full (FOI)
03/05/2022 CGT08531 Verges, number of complaints about not being mown, and about being mown Responded in full (EIR)
03/05/2022 CGT08086 Number of trees felled and planted since 2015 Responded in full (EIR)
04/05/2022 CGT08061 Hostile architecture/furniture deployed to prevent or discourage rough sleeping Information not recorded (EIR)
04/05/2022 CGT08426 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
04/05/2022 CGT08427 Property information Responded in full (EIR)
05/05/2022 CGT07955 List of schemes for coring in Carriageway future works programme, costs, scores, rank No response sent (EIR)
06/05/2022 CGT07949 Dog fouling reports and fines Responded in full (FOI)
06/05/2022 CGT07985 Complaints made by a neighbour Responded in full (FOI)
06/05/2022 CGT08577 CCTV in public spaces from January 2020 to April 2022 Responded in full (EIR)
06/05/2022 CGT08600 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
09/05/2022 CGT08033 Flood history data / GIS layers Responded in full (EIR)
09/05/2022 CGT08174 Streetwork notices Responded in full (EIR)
09/05/2022 CGT08647 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
10/05/2022 CGT08716 Fair Access Protocol April School placements March 21 2022 Responded in full (FOI)
10/05/2022 CGT08202 Information on the bus gate at Low Poppleton Lane Responded in full (EIR)
11/05/2022 CGT08055 Highways/road improvements over last 3 years. Miles repaired, numbers closed, cost No response sent (EIR)
11/05/2022 CGT08395 Council electic vehicle fleet Responded in full (EIR)
11/05/2022 CGT08089 Walks in Dunnington publication Information not recorded (EIR)
11/05/2022 CGT08070 Information on reported ‘statutory nuisances’/neighbour disputes Responded in full (EIR)
12/05/2022 CGT07667 Dog fouling/waste on public land from 2019, 2020, 2021. Penalty Charge Notices issued/prosecutions Responded in full (EIR)
12/05/2022 CGT08003 Electric vehicle fleets and charging points Responded in full (EIR)
12/05/2022 CGT08096 Food hygiene certificate No response sent (EIR)
12/05/2022 CGT08139 HMOs and Residential C4 statuses in Thirkleby Way, Osbaldwick and YO10 No response sent (EIR)
12/05/2022 CGT08138 Planning applications received/rejected, and rejected due to protected species (all last year - 2021) No response sent (EIR)
12/05/2022 CGT08294 Sports and leisure facilities in 2012 and 2022 Responded in full (EIR)
12/05/2022 CGT08528 Number of roadworks per year 2017 to 2021, duration of each set, information board Responded in full (EIR)
12/05/2022 CGT08666 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
12/05/2022 CGT08747 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
12/05/2022 CGT08757 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
13/05/2022 CGT08727 Residential and nursing care home Fees 2022 to 2023 Responded in full (FOI)
13/05/2022 CGT07594 Meeting minutes for St George's Field multi storey car park Responded in full (EIR)
16/05/2022 CGT08785 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
16/05/2022 CGT08787 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
17/05/2022 CGT08830 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
17/05/2022 CGT08651 Asbestos in schools Responded in full (EIR)
17/05/2022 CGT08327 Food safety certificate Responded in full (EIR)
17/05/2022 CGT08154 Number of cycle lanes/planned cycle lanes/costs 2019 to 2021 No response sent (EIR)
18/05/2022 CGT08206 HMOs and Residential C4 statuses in Crossways, Badger Hilll, YO1 No response sent (EIR)
18/05/2022 CGT08221 SparkYork cooking odours No response sent (EIR)
18/05/2022 CGT08295 Equality Impact Assessment for the National Railway Museum Walkway Information not recorded (FOI)
18/05/2022 CGT08422 Children's services agency staff over last 5 years S.21 (FOI, exempt in part)
18/05/2022 CGT08800 Number of children/parents/carers using children's centres, family hubs, family centres play groups etc 2011 to 2022 Information not recorded (FOI)
18/05/2022 CGT08356 Bus lane CCTV, penalty charge notices and objects etc Responded in full (EIR)
18/05/2022 CGT08887 Supported living with learning disabilities (LD), autism (ASD), and mental health (MH) Not pursued (FOI)
18/05/2022 CGT08838 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
18/05/2022 CGT08859 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
19/05/2022 CGT08171 HMOs and residential C4 statuses in Badbargain Lane, Tang Hall, YO10 No response sent (EIR)
19/05/2022 CGT08903 Property information Responded in full (EIR)
19/05/2022 CGT08466 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
19/05/2022 CGT08904 Property information Responded in full (EIR)
20/05/2022 CGT09018 Information to be shared with Councillor, First businesses move into historic York building Responded in full (EIR)
20/05/2022 CGT08519 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
23/05/2022 CGT08115 Major road scheme carbon impacts Responded in full (EIR)
23/05/2022 CGT08473 Resident-to-resident harm in residential care settings 2018 to 2021 Responded in full (FOI)
23/05/2022 CGT08410 Information provided to residents about public parking on Government House Road 13 (EIR, excepted in part)
24/05/2022 CGT08681 Cost of converting grass verges into new parking bays since January 1 2021 Responded in full (EIR)
24/05/2022 CGT08968 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
24/05/2022 CGT08186 S106 agreements Not pursued (FOI)
25/05/2022 CGT08399 Road adoption GHR No response sent (FOI)
25/05/2022 CGT08433 Clifton Backies repairs to cracking and frequent flooding No response sent (EIR)
25/05/2022 CGT08464 Temporary traffic light management No response sent (EIR)
25/05/2022 CGT09015 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
26/05/2022 CGT08507 School transport/home to school for reception to Y11/SEND/Post 16 Responded in full (FOI)
26/05/2022 CGT08550 How many children go to school in a school taxi, cost to CYC, which taxi firms used Responded in full (FOI)
26/05/2022 CGT09100 Property information Responded in full (EIR)
26/05/2022 CGT08502 Student housing applications 12(4)(b) (EIR, excepted in full)
27/05/2022 CGT09127 Skip located at St Helens Square Responded in full (EIR)
30/05/2022 CGT09150 Property search Responded in full (EIR)
30/05/2022 CGT08643 All correspondence regarding the adoption of the Derwenthorpe highways 13 (EIR, excepted in full)
31/05/2022 CGT09495 Breastfeeding support for new mums and advice provided to GPs Responded in full (FOI)
31/05/2022 CGT08493 The cost of children's residential placements/most expensive placement and reasons why Responded in full (FOI)
31/05/2022 CGT08586 Planning applications with no decision within 26 weeks since 2013 No response sent (FOI)

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