Invite the Lord Mayor to your Event

Civic engagements

The civic party welcomes invitations to events in the city. Use this online form to invite the Lord Mayor and members of the civic party to an event from spring 2021 (subject to the Government guidance at that time).

Civic engagements cannot be accepted without a COVID-19 mitigation Risk Assessment for the event. The Risk Assessment will need to be in line with government guidance at the time of the event.

This form and any supporting information should be returned to the Civic office three weeks before the event (if possible) for prompt diary entry and confirmation.

The Correct form of address for the Lord Mayor

Written: "The Right Honourable Lord Mayor".

In a Speech: The Lord Mayor and Civic Party are to be referred to as – "Lord Mayor", "Lord Mayor's Consort", "Sheriff" and "Sheriff's Consort".

Salutation: Good Morning / Good Afternoon, Lord Mayor, Sheriff, Lord Mayor's Consort and Sheriff's Consort.

The title Lord Mayor is non gender specific and should be used whether the Lord Mayor is a lady or a gentleman.

Please be aware that our system will 'time out' after 10 minutes. It is not possible to save partially completed forms, nor to retrieve information if the time out period is reached. You will therefore need to set aside time to submit your invitation.

You may need to upload documents in support of your invitation, such as COVID-19 mitigation risk assessment, location plans or order of events. We strongly suggest that you prepare such documents before starting this form so that you can locate them easily, and within the time limit. Please note that this form will only accept uploaded documents in either .pdf, .docx or .jpg formats.

Your security and privacy

Please do not use this form to send anything of a confidential nature, for example your credit card or bank details.

We do not rent, sell or trade your personal information; please see our privacy statement.