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Equalities monitoring

We regularly check to monitor our performance in respect of equalities against our objectives and actions, as set out in our policies and plans.

We report on our outcomes in a number of ways. View our equality facts and figures to get an overview of our performance.

Equality Objectives 2017 to 2021

  1. Better understand our diverse communities and their needs
    York is a culturally diverse city, with as many as 80 different languages spoken, and over 100 minority ethnic groups. The diversity of the city’s communities benefits the city, providing the talents and experiences of people from different backgrounds, faiths, beliefs and traditions. As a council, we want to connect with communities, so we are in touch with changing and emerging needs.
  2. Strengthen community participation and influence in decision-making
    Whilst we work hard to involve communities in local decisions, we recognise there’s always more to do. We will focus on improving how we involve communities, seeking different ways to reach people and understand what matters to them the most, especially our most vulnerable and marginalised citizens.
  3. Strengthen our own position as an equal opportunities employer and service provider
    Our aspiration is to develop a workforce that reflects our city's population, and gives all groups equal employment opportunities. We also want to make sure we respond to people’s different needs in our service planning and improvement.
  4. Improve customer experience to advance equality and respond to people’s different needs
    We want to continually improve our equalities data, so that this better informs us about different communities' experiences. We want to consider not only service take-up and need, but also the quality of the service being received by different sections of the community.

Safer York Partnership Board

The Safer York Partnership Board monitors hate crime in York. See further details of what to do if you experience Hate Crime.

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