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Available downloads

DBS Applicants Guide

DBS Verifier Guidance

DBS Documentary Evidence Sheet

DBS Continuation Sheet

Volunteer Statement

School Flowchart 1 - Individual has no DBS check

School Flowchart 2 - Individual has subscribed to the update service

School Flowchart 3 - Individual has not subscribed to the update service

DBS1 Form

DBS Update Service Form - Online Check

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Occupational Health Referral


Policy and Procedure - Contract of Employment

Policy and Procedure - Fixed Term Contract Guidance

Policy and Procedure - Recruitment and Selection

Policy and Procedure - Procedures for Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher Recruitment

Schools Advert Template

Schools Generic Grades

Payscales - TLR Payments 1st September 2010

Payscales - Teachers Pay and Conditions

JD - Clerk to Governing Body L1

JD - Clerk to Governing Body L2

JD - Cover Supervisor

JD - Lead Cover Supervisor

JD - Lunchtime Behaviour Manager

JD - Exam Invigilator

JD - School Examination Officer

JD - School Admin Clerical Finance Level 1

School Admin Clerical Finance Level 2

JD - School Admin Clerical Finance Level 3

JD - School Admin Clerical Finance Level 4

JD - School Admin Clerical Finance Level 5

JD - School Employed Cleaner

JD - School ICT Technician

JD - School ICT Technician - Senior

JD - School Midday Care Assistant

JD - School Midday Supervisory Assistant - Senior

JD - School Site Manager Level 1

JD - School Site Manager Level 2

JD - School Site Manager Level 3

JD - School Teaching Assistant Level 1

JD - School Teaching Assistant Level 2

JD - School Teaching Assistant Level 3

JD - School Teaching Assistant Level 4

JD - School Technician (Assistant) Level 1

JD - School Technician Level 2

JD - School Technician (Senior) Level 3

JD - School Generic Swim Teacher

JD - School Generic Assistant Swim Teacher

Schools job description template

JE1/2 Form

JE Guidelines

Teaching application form

Support staff application form

T1 - Appointment Form for Teaching Staff

T2 - Change of Contract Form for Teaching Staff

S1 - Appointment Form for Support Staff

S2 - Change of Contract Form for Support Staff

S3 - Shift Pattern Details (for use with S1 and S2)

Schools Work Health Assessment Form

Schools WHAF process flowchart

Occupational Health FAQs

‘Eligibility to work in the UK’

process flowchart

Guidance notes and forms

Managing Stress

Eye Test

Policy and Procedure - Schools Maternity Leave Policy

Policy and Procedure - Paternity Guidelines

Policy and Procedure - Schools Paternity Leave Policy

Paternity Form

Adoption Leave and Pay Application Form

Policy and Procedure - Adoption Policy

Teachers Pensions Contributions

Automatic Enrolment FAQs

Teachers Pension - Members' Factsheet

Payroll - LGPS PEN11 Employee Form

Payroll - Salary Sacrifice - Cycle to work

Payroll - Salary Sacrifice - Childcare Vouchers

Payroll - 1 to 1 Supply Teacher Claim Form

Payroll - Weekly TSC Claim Form

Payroll - Weekly TSA Form

Payroll - Guidelines for Monthly Timesheets

Payroll - Monthly Timesheet (automatically paid staff)

Payroll - Monthly Timesheet- Claiming Staff (not auto paid)

Payroll - Monthly Absence Return Form

Payroll - Teachers Additional Hours Claim Form

Payroll - Adoption 12 wk Option form

Payroll - Maternity 12 wk Option Form

L1 Leavers form - for support & teaching staff

EST 5 Change to personal details form

Policy and Procedure - Absence and Leave Policy

Attendance Management Policy

Attendance Management Manager's Tool kit

Dignity at Work Policy

Dignity at Work Tool Kit

Guidance on Roles (Dignity at Work

Understanding Bullying Harrassment or Victimisation

Contract of Employment

Disciplinary Procedures

Employee Code of Conduct

Fixed Term Contracts Guidance

Flexible Working Requests

Flexible Working Guidelines

Gifts and Hospitality Guidelines

Grievance Procedure

Guidance on Honorarium Payments to Teachers

Guidelines on the Employment of Over 65's

Merger of Schools Policy

Recruitment and selection guidance for schools

Procedures for Headteacher Recruitment

Redundancy Procedure

Teacher Appraisal Policy

Teacher Capability Policy

Schools Parental Leave Policy

Smoking at Work Policy

Travel and Subsistence Policy

Travel Procedures

Travel Claim Form

Travel and Subsistence rates

Travel Expenses Checklist

Car Allowance Claims

Whistleblowing Policy

Trade Unions

Dependent Care Leave Application Form

Template for School Document Log

Absence Return for Schools

Self Certification Return to Work Interview

Flexible Working Request Form (Employee Section)

Flexible Working Request Form (Headteacher Section)

Flexible Working Request Form (Chair of Appeals Committee)

Travel and Subsistence Claim Form

Managing Poor Performance of Support Staff

Cycle scheme

FOI - model publication scheme for schools

Fingerprint technology in schools _ Data Protection Issues

Hints For Practitioners Handing FOI Requests

Disclosure of Exam Results - Data Protection Guidance

Ten steps to Cyber Security - Government Advice Sheets

Data Security Dos and Don'ts

Information Handling

Information Risk Management

Data Encryption

Remote Access Guidance

Guidance on data security breach management

A Guide To The EU School Milk Subsidy Scheme and School Milk Poster

PaP Recruitment and Selection

Schools WHAF process flowchart

Frequently Asked Questions

Application form Cytlimited Supply Teaching

Application form Cytlimited Support Staff

Special Educational Needs Service - Specialist Teaching Team

Special Educational Needs Service - Symbol Swap Shop

Environment and Outdoors - Other Education Resources

Wild about York Education Pack

Occupational Health Referral

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