Coach parking for Christmas markets

Find out how to pre-book coach parking for weekends during the Christmas market season.


St George's Field car park and coach park
Castle Mills Bridge
YO10 4AB


The car park is situated in the River Ouse floodplain. When river levels are high it may be necessary to close the car park for safety reasons even though the water may not have entered the car park.

We will try to keep such precautionary closures to a minimum although when water does enter the park it may take several days to empty and clean up silt and debris left behind.

Number of spaces


Hours and charges

Open 24 hours. Charges apply from 8.00am to midnight. Charges apply every day including Sundays and Bank Holidays.

No maximum stay.

Charges for cars

Length of stay Pay and display RingGo Pay by phone Discount Badge Holder
Up to 1 hour £2.30 £2.20 £1.70
Up to 2 hours £4.60 £4.40 £3.40
Up to 3 hours £6.90 £6.60 £5.10
Up to 4 hours £9.20 £8.80 £6.80
Up to 5 hours £11.50 £11.00 £8.50
Over 5 hours £13.00 £13.00 £13.00
Evening parking £2.00 £2.00 Free of charge

Please note that if you choose to receive text message alerts in connection with the RingGo pay by phone service, you may face higher costs:

  • optional text messages to confirm your parking session are charged at 30p per message
  • optional text messages to alert you when your parking is running out are charged at 30p per message
  • please note that a 20p service charge applies to all mobile payments of £5.00 and over

Evening parking

Evening parking covers:

  • All days, 6.00pm to midnight

Evening parking for York residents' Minster Badge holders covers:

  • Sunday to Thursday, 6.00pm to midnight
  • Friday and Saturday, 5.00pm to midnight

For all customers (including Minster Badge holders):

  • if you arrive before 6.00pm and want to stay into the evening you must buy a single ticket which covers up to 6.00pm and the evening charge
  • all day tickets automatically include the evening charge
  • you should check the expiry time on the meter screen before pressing the green button for your ticket
  • parking after midnight is free until 8.00am the following day
  • tickets which include the evening charge are valid until 8.00am the following day
  • if you have an evening frequent users pass you can park until 8.30am

All day parking for cars

The all day parking charge for cars is £13.00 for periods over 5 hours. This covers from the time of your arrival (the start of your 'chargeable period') until midnight. After midnight parking is free until 8.00am the following day.

Charges for Coaches (27 spaces)

1 April to 31 October

1 April to 31 October

Length of stay Charges
Up to 1 hour £6.70
Up to 3 hours £11.30
Over 3 hours £13.50

1 November to 31 March

Length of stay Charges
Up to 1 hour £6.70
Over 1 hour £9.70

All day parking for coaches

The all day parking charge for coaches applies for periods over 3 hours from 1 April to 31 October, or over 1 hour from 1 November to 31 March. The charge covers from the start of the chargeable period until 6.00pm. After 6.00pm parking is free until the next chargeable period the following day.

Please note, if your vehicle is parked the engine should be switched off. If you leave your engine running, you may be issued with a penalty charge notice.

Payment facilities

  • Type of Parking System: Pay and Display
  • Pay by cash: Yes
  • Pay by debit/credit card: Yes - in car park only (1 machine)
  • Pay by phone with RingGo: Yes

Park and pay by phone

Find out how to park and pay by phone with RingGo in this car park.

  • the location number for this car park is 27712
  • the location number for York residents' Minster Badge holders (cars only) is 77121
  • the location number for the coach park is 27751

Please note that the text service is not available to Minster Badge holders.

Long stay parking

Car parking for 2 or more days is available using the RingGo pay by phone service.

By using RingGo to pay for parking you:

  • don’t need to put a parking ticket in your car (Civil Enforcement Officers can check which vehicles are parked with RingGo via their handheld units)
  • can pay for long or short stay parking
  • can extend your parking time
  • can buy multiple days of parking

If you do not pay for additional days in advance, you risk being issued with a penalty change notice if you do not return to your car before 8.00am.

Accessible parking

Blue Badge holders can park in any bay in this car park, free of charge, for as long as they want.

There are 6 dedicated disabled bays which are available for Blue Badge holders only.

Other facilities

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