Our Digital Services Project is providing inclusive, accessible, always on, always open, online services to York's residents and businesses, through our website.

Benefits of the Digital Services Project

We're working to integrate our back-office activities and to streamline services into an online 'one stop shop' you can use to interact with us. The Digital Services Project is providing an online 'portal' for customers, called My Account, which offers:

  • ways to pay, apply, request and report things
  • the ability to give feedback
  • ways to track your reports and our progress
  • access from any web-enabled device (mobile, laptop, tablet or computer)

With these things in place we'll be more efficient and more able to satisfy the demand for 24/7 access to services.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

As part of the Digital Services Project we're refreshing our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which helps us to organise and record our interactions with you. We're streamlining many of our back office processes, to provide a more efficient and knowledge-rich service.

We're working on:

  • implementing new CRM software to replace the current system
  • ensuring our technical and support staff have necessary knowledge and skills
  • mapping out the most effective use of CRM technology for customers and staff
  • integrating our back-office processes in several phases

Latest news on digital services

We've already launched a number of online Council Tax transactions, providing easily access to set up Direct Debits; apply for Single Occupancy Discount, or tell us you're moving out, moving into or move within York. More services will be made available in the future; check details of the My Account upgrades we're planning.

Get involved in our digital services project

Join our ‘User Testing Team’ to help ensure our online services are meeting your needs; email: digitalservicesproject@york.gov.uk to express your interest.

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