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One Yorkshire devolution

Proposed Devolution deal announced

In 2018 leaders across Yorkshire committed to developing a joined-up deal for One Yorkshire Devolution.

The UK government responded, making clear they would first prefer smaller devolved deals which focused on populations that shared similar economic challenges.

Since then, devolution deals have been agreed for both South and West Yorkshire, and a proposed agreement has been reached with York and North Yorkshire.

One Yorkshire

The One Yorkshire agreement would:

  • see the creation of a Mayor of Yorkshire
  • enable decisions currently taken by Government in London, to be made in the region
  • allow Yorkshire access to funding and benefits similar to other areas with devolution agreements (like Greater Manchester and the West Midlands)

It's estimated that a One Yorkshire devolution agreement could help create 200,000 additional jobs and raise incomes by £500 per person over and above current economic forecasts.

In March 2018, a document setting out the vision for a One Yorkshire devolution agreement, including the creation of a Mayor of Yorkshire, was submitted to the Government.

See the One Yorkshire Summary and One Yorkshire Report to find about more about the recent developments.

One Yorkshire letter to the Prime Minister

One Yorkshire Leaders have set out new proposals to urgently unlock the benefits of devolution to all parts of the region while creating a pathway to a full One Yorkshire devolution deal in 2022.

The proposals have already been presented to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. They would see a series of interim devolution deals agreed across Yorkshire to run in parallel with the existing Sheffield City Region agreement.

Negotiations would continue with the Government to have a One Yorkshire devolution agreement completed by 2022, the end of the current Sheffield City Region Mayor’s term. At this point any Sheffield City Region authorities wishing to be part of the wider deal would be allowed to do so.

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