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Council Tax £150 Energy Rebate Scheme

£150 Council Tax rebates

If you haven't received your £150 rebate payment you need to apply to the Council Tax £150 Energy Rebate Scheme online. If you're unable to apply online find out about offline applications for those who cannot use digital services.

We've opened applications for a Council Tax Energy Rebate Discretionary Payment Scheme, for anyone that doesn't qualify for the rebate in Council Tax bands E to H.

All residents who are liable for council tax at a property in council tax bands A to D, and who are responsible for payment of the energy bills will qualify for the rebate.

If you're unsure which council tax band you are in, you can check your bill or you can check your council tax band online.

Second homes and holiday lets will not qualify for the payment.

See details of how to apply for the rebate:

Apply for the Council Tax £150 Energy Rebate Scheme

Use this form if you believe you’re eligible for the Council Tax Energy Rebate and have not yet received a payment of £150 from City of York Council. If you've already been paid you do not need to complete the form.

The form is simple to fill in and will guide you through a short set of questions about yourself and your property, and let you know if you're eligible to receive the rebate or not.

Council Tax £150 Energy Rebate Scheme Application

To complete the form you will need:

  • your payment reference number from your latest council tax bill - you can request a copy bill online
  • your bank account details if you want the £150 paid into your bank - if you would like the payment credited to your council tax account your bank details will not be required

For most applications we will not require any additional information, however for some customers we may need to request further details. This could be because your personal records don’t match the information we have on the council tax system.

In order to process your application we will need to validate your personal details and to validate your bank details (if you're requesting payment to your bank account).

Please note: a credit check will be performed to validate your bank account details. This is only for assurance and will not affect your credit status in any way.

Validation of applicant details

We’re required to validate your details to ensure accurate payment of your rebate and to prevent fraud.

You may receive an error message in the application process if your name does not match the name we hold on the council tax account, this may be because:

  • you're not a person liable to pay council tax at the property, in which case you're not eligible for a rebate. If you're still responsible for energy payments at the property a separate form will be available in June for you to apply on a discretionary basis
  • you've had a name change that we're unaware of, for example you’ve been married or divorced

If you can’t get through the form at this stage and believe you should be able to, or need to update your details, please email: providing your details including council tax reference number.

Validation of bank details

After completing the section that confirms your eligibility to receive the rebate, you’ll proceed to the preferred method of payment. There are 2 options available for payment:

  • cash payment to your bank account - you will need to provide your bank account details
  • credit to your council tax account to reduce your monthly instalments

If you choose payment to your bank account and provide your bank account details, they will be validated against the personal details you have already provided and the address registered at the bank. This will be done via an Experian credit check which will not affect your credit rating.

Bank validation may fail if the details on your bank account differ to your current situation or those we hold on your council tax account.

It may be that your bank account details need updating, please contact your bank to do this.

If you need to update the details held on your council tax account or think everything is correct and are unsure why there is an issue, please email providing your details including your council tax account reference number and a copy of your bank statement if required.

Please do not try to apply again whilst these issues are being investigated.

If you’re unable to complete the bank validation successfully, you’re able to ask for the £150 to be credited to your council tax account instead and have your monthly instalments reduced.

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Offline applications for those who cannot use digital services

If you have friends or family members that can help you with the digital form, they can help you submit your details.

The form can be completed on a smart phone, but if you don't have access to a computer or smart phone, you're welcome to use the self-service computer facilities that are available at your local Explore Library or in our Customer Centre at West Offices in the city centre.

You don't need to make an appointment to use these computers; library computers can be used for up to 2 hours a day for free with a library card number and PIN number. See further information about using public computers on the Explore York website.

If you can’t get online or use any digital devices, and nobody in your household can help, you can telephone: 0300 373 0727 where a member of staff can complete the form on your behalf. Please make sure you have all the information required to hand.

You can drop in to Citizens Advice York for assistance with your application in person from 10.00am to 2.00pm Monday to Thursday. Citizens Advice York are located at City of York Council, West Offices, Station Rise, YO1 6GD.

You can also get support through your Local Area Coordinator, local food bank, or from local community hub and advice services across the city. See more information about available benefits advice.

Community support sessions are also available where people can get assistance to make applications for the rebate. Live Well York's events calendar has details of local community outreach advice and support services.

Please make sure you only give your personal details to someone you know you can trust, or through one of these recommended support services. There have been reports of scammers pretending to represent local councils to get access to bank details from customers.

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Payment in cash

We will not make any cash payments, but if you don't have a bank account we can help you make other arrangements.

Most high street banks will offer the option to open a basic account, or we can help you set up a bank account through the local Credit Union.

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Payment direct to your council tax account

If you would like the payment to be credited to your council tax account you just need to select that option when you complete the application form.

The payment will be applied to your account within 2 weeks of a successful application and a revised bill will be sent to you. The payment will follow the normal cash rules, reducing any arrears or future instalments on your Council Tax account accordingly.

As the Council is paying cash onto your Council Tax account on your behalf, it will be shown with any other cash/Direct Debit payments that you have been made rather than a separate line on the bill. The £150 will be included in the line of the bill that says ‘payments received as at date of issue’.

The £150 will not be paid out to you directly via this route. If you wish to receive the money directly into your bank, please select that option on the form.

If you don't apply for your rebate the payment will automatically be credited to your council tax account.

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Urgent support

If you need urgent support, you can find information on the Live Well York website and on our benefits page about what support is available right now.

The York Financial Assistance Scheme (YFAS) can help by providing urgent payments to residents that need financial support straight away.

The energy rebate is intended to help support residents with the increase in the cost of living, it is not intended to be an emergency payment for an immediate urgent issue people might be facing.

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Help for those who don't qualify for the Council Tax £150 Energy Rebate Scheme

If your home isn’t within bands A to D, we'll be opening applications for a Council Tax Energy Rebate Discretionary Payment Scheme by the end of June.

You'll need to complete a form online to submit an application for this scheme and if you're successful you'll receive a payment of £150.

We've opened applications for a Council Tax Energy Rebate Discretionary Payment Scheme, for anyone that doesn't qualify for the rebate in council tax bands E to H.

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Repayment of the £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate

You will not be asked to pay this money back.

The energy rebate is a one-off payment that is intended to help people cope with the increase to the cost of living, and is for you to keep.

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Rebates received in error

If you've received a payment and do not believe you should have, for example you've been paid for a property that is not your main residence, or moved out of the area or into a property above band D before 1 April 2022, you should contact on email:, to confirm your situation so we can update our records.

If it's confirmed you should not have received a payment we'll provide details on how to repay the money.

Please quote the reference number that appeared when the money went into your bank, or your council tax payment reference number if contacting us about payments received in error.

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