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The Council Plan

Our Council Plan for 2019 to 2023 sets out our priorities over the coming years and details what steps we'll take to ensure York continues to make history and build communities.

Our key priorities

We've focused our plan on 8 key outcomes, 7 of which will improve the quality of life for all residents, and 1 which will enhance the way we work:

  1. good health and wellbeing
  2. well paid jobs and an inclusive economy
  3. getting around sustainably
  4. a better start for children and young people
  5. a greener and cleaner city
  6. creating homes and world-class infrastructure
  7. safe communities and culture for all
  8. an open and effective council

The plan was approved by Executive and formally approved by Full Council in October 2020, following consultation with residents, businesses and staff.

An update to the plan, recognising the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, was approved by Executive in May 2021.

During the consultation, we asked residents and businesses for their views through a range of channels, including:

  • an online survey
  • discussion boards placed across the city

In total, we received over 6,000 comments - we've published the results of the Council Plan consultation in 2019 on our Open Data Platform.

Progress against Council Plan priorities

We closely monitor how we're doing against each of our Council Plan priorities.

We produce annual and quarterly reports containing details of our:

  • performance
  • progress
  • achievements

Our Council Plan priorities and agreed budget are also embedded in our approach to Service Planning.

Key council strategies

We underpin our decision-making and work plans by a set of:

  • strategies
  • policies
  • plans

Access our current high-level strategies and documents in the following table. These have been approved by the council or through partnership arrangements, which guide both our own work and our partnership working.

We don't include every strategy, plan or policy in this list, but focus on those which are:

  • statutory
  • cross-cutting, or
  • relate to more than one service area

Note: Search for 'service specific' policies by searching for a specific keyword on this website.

Strategy name Date published Committee approved Responsible officer
The Council Plan 2015 to 2019 08/10/2015 Full Council on 08/10/2015 Chief Executive
Health and Wellbeing Strategy 08/03/2017 Health and Wellbeing Board on 08/03/2017 Director of Public Health
York Economic Strategy 19/05/2016 Executive on 19/05/2016 Corporate Director Economy and Place
Financial Strategy 2017/18 to 2021/22 23/02/2017 Full Council on 23/02/2017 Corporate Director Customer and Corporate Services
Children and Young People's Plan 2016 to 2020 03/11/2015 YorOK Board on 09/11/2015 Corporate Director Children, Education and Communities
Children and Young People in Care Strategy 2016 to 2020 18/04/2017 Corporate Parenting Board on 18/04/2016 Corporate Director Children, Education and Communities
Risk Management Policy and Strategy 02/04/2009 Audit and Governance Committee on 31/03/2009 Corporate Director Customer and Corporate Services
Local Transport Plan 2011 to 2031 07/04/2011 Full Council Corporate Director Economy and Place
Asset Management Strategy 2017 to 2022 28/09/2017 Executive Assistant Director Regeneration and Asset Management
York Skills Plan 01/08/2017 Decision Session - Economic Development and Community Engagement (Deputy Leader) Corporate Director Children, Education and Communities
Performance Framework 18/07/2019 Executive on 18/07/2019 Corporate Director Customer and Corporate Services
Corporate Procurement Strategy 17/07/2017 Decision Session - Executive Leader (incorporating Finance and Performance) on 17/07/2017 Corporate Director Customer and Corporate Services
People Plan 14/07/2017 Executive on 14/07/2017 Corporate Director Customer and Corporate Services
Community Safety Strategy 28/09/2017 Executive on 28/09/2017 Corporate Director Health, Housing and Adult Social Care
Adult Safeguarding strategic plan 2016 City of York Safeguarding Adults Board Corporate Director Health, Housing and Adult Social Care
York and North Yorkshire Housing Strategy 2015-2021 14/09/2015 York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Housing Board Corporate Director Health, Housing and Adult Social Care
Flood Risk Management Strategy 03/03/2015 Executive Corporate Director Economy and Place

Local Plan

Currently in draft: New Local Plan Full Council Corporate Director Economy and Place

Previous Council Plans

Our Council Plan 2015 to 2019, was based on our statutory responsibilities and 3 key priorities:

  • a prosperous city for all - where local businesses can thrive and residents have good quality jobs, housing and opportunities
  • a focus on frontline services - to ensure all residents, particularly the least advantaged, can access reliable services and community facilities
  • a council that listens to its residents - to ensure it delivers the services they want and works in partnership with local communities

In our Council Plan for 2011 to 2015, we set out our priorities and produced a 'high level' action plan for each of our 5 priorities:

  • create jobs and grow the economy
  • get York moving
  • build strong communities
  • protect vulnerable people
  • protect the environment

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