Finding someone to swap homes with

If you want to swap your City of York Council home either within York or nationally, you should register with HomeSwapper. This is free for York council tenants and is the largest exchange website in the country with over 200,000 active members.

Registration is straightforward and you can start looking for properties straight away.

You can use our noticeboards or advertise in places like local newspapers and shops. You can also contact the council in the area you wish to move to for further information.

You must not offer money or goods to anyone to encourage them to swap homes with you.

When you find someone to swap with

Step 1

You should check each other's homes before agreeing to move. You will become responsible for any alterations, improvements or repairs carried out by the outgoing tenant. Your home and garden should be in a good condition.

Step 2

You both need to register with HomeSwapper and fill in the form on their the website.

Step 3

Your Housing Management Officer will check your home. They will check that your rent account is not in arrears and that you do not have any other outstanding bills such as recharges.

The rent you pay may be different from that paid by the outgoing tenant. Your Housing Management Officer will tell you how much rent you will need to pay.

We will let you know if you can swap homes within 6 weeks.

Your move may be delayed if your home or garden are not in a good condition, you have rent arrears or other debts with the council, or you have broken your tenancy agreement in any way.

Moving to a home owned by another landlord

It is important that you check any details with them and the existing tenant. Your Housing Management Officer will supply details about your current home including information about your rent account and how your tenancy has been conducted.

Some homes cannot be bought by the tenant under the Right to Buy scheme. Check this with the new landlord before you agree to move.

Different landlords offer different tenancy conditions and the rent you pay may be different from the rent of the person you are swapping with - check this with the new landlord.

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