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Health and social care

Living safely with COVID-19

There are steps you can take to reduce the risk of catching and spreading coronavirus (COVID-19).

Find out about:

Preventing the spread of COVID-19

There are currently no government restrictions in England. However, to help reduce the risk of catching COVID-19 and passing it on to others you can:

  • let fresh air in if meeting others indoors
  • practise good hygiene:
    • wash your hands
    • cover your coughs and sneezes
    • clean your surroundings frequently
  • wear a face covering
  • get vaccinated

These steps also help to reduce the spread of other respiratory infections which spread easily and can cause serious illness in some people (for example, influenza).

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Coronavirus vaccinations

Vaccination is your best protection against COVID-19:

Find out how to book, cancel or change a COVID-19 vaccine and booster appointment through the NHS.

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Coronavirus testing

Find out about testing for coronavirus, including:

  • if you should get a test for COVID-19
  • who can get free NHS tests
  • how to get tested
  • what your test result means

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