Our 'Youth Offending Team' (YOT) is made up of staff and partners from a number of organisations, including:

We work with young people from the age of 10 years old into young adulthood, who are at risk of, or involved in offending behaviour.

We have the skills and abilities to respond to any risks or needs in the lives of young people, their families, and their victims, in York.

Our values and purpose

  • changing the outlook and behaviour of individuals we supervise
  • reducing youth crime by working in partnership to ensure that young people get the support and direction they need
  • ensuring that the voices of victims are heard
  • working with families and the community to help them promote positive change in young people
  • protecting the public through rigorous enforcement of sentences imposed by the court
  • safeguarding all young people

We work closely with the following key partners in local justice:

For further information you can visit the Youth Justice website.

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