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City Centre Access consultation - open brief

Private hire taxis and Hackney carriages

Background of private hire taxis and Hackney carriages engagement

Throughout our engagement there was a shared opinion between taxi and hackney carriage groups that there is insufficient space for both to park up during busy periods, particularly as certain areas are now shared spaces with delivery drivers and Blue Badge holders.

Duncombe Place, in particular, was referenced as a difficult location for taxis, which is consistent with the views of disability groups, who find the location overly crowded and risky to manoeuvre.

Consistent with the views of cycling groups and My City Centre survey respondents, it was also suggested that the steep increase in food delivery drivers was adding to the issue of a lack of space, and high volume of traffic.

What you said about private hire taxis and Hackney carriages

From a City Centre Access point of view, comments have been received from the York Taxi Association and from the York Disability Rights Forum.

Improve taxi services, including clearer signage indicating location of taxi ranks on areas such as Clifford Street. A potential new evening rank on Piccadilly (opposite Spark:York)

Explore Electric Vehicle (EV) charging options for taxi drivers. The number of EV charging points available across the city and further afield is increasing rapidly, which includes rapid charging points (equivalent to refuelling).

Establish a forum between taxi operators and disabled groups to improve the taxi offer.

What we’ve done about private hire taxis and Hackney carriages

Our Licencing Team (through an external consultant) will undertake an ‘Unmet Demand Survey’ between November 2021 and December 2021.

Hackney Carriages are regulated by local authorities, who can place a limit on the number of licences issued, if an unmet demand survey is carried out:

  • the limit on Hackney Carriage numbers may be raised or removed if it demonstrates evidence of significant unmet demand
  • the limit may be kept at the same level if it demonstrates no evidence of unmet demand

The Unmet Demand Survey will explore some of the points around improved taxi services, and clearer signage, alongside a potential new evening rank. It will also be able to highlight any poorly used ranks, due to either inappropriate location or lack of signage/awareness of rank, through filming the ranks and through public consultation.

Monitoring and surveys will be undertaken at taxi ranks in the city centre to record the volume of passengers and hackney carriages, together with Hackney Carriage waiting times and wait times for any queuing passengers.

A Revised Vehicle Emission Standards Paper is due to go back to Executive in February/March 2022, taking in to account the recommendations from the Unmet Demand Survey. This new policy could potentially increase the number of electric and wheelchair accessible vehicles.

City Centre Access consultation

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