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City Centre Access consultation - open brief

Deliveries in the city centre

Background to deliveries in the city centre

The competing interests of delivery drivers accessing the city continues to be a challenge, particularly with the increase in demand for cycling and e-cycle delivery services.

What you’ve told us about deliveries in the city centre

During a focus group held with delivery drivers who regularly access the city centre, concerns were expressed about the rise in cycling and e-cycling food delivery services, which became increasingly popular during the sequence of lockdowns during 2020 and 2021. Participants suggested that, without refined governance and clear cycling lanes, the volume of delivery cyclists and e-cyclists could become unmanageable for both the delivery drivers as well as the pedestrians and vehicles navigating around them.

Delivery hubs for larger deliveries were proposed to avoid bottle necks in popular delivery points across the city centre. It was also referenced that other cities are investing in cargo bikes and breaking deliveries into smaller, more regular deliveries, particularly to offices and small businesses.

The dual use of loading bays in Duncombe Place was welcomed by participants, contradicting the views of some disabled residents who find the location dangerous due to high levels of activity.

WalkYork provided supporting feedback from a pedestrian’s viewpoint, expressing frustration at delivery bottlenecks in the city centre, particularly the market, due to the large number of vehicles making it difficult to walk through the centre before 10.30am.

What we’ve done about deliveries in the city centre

Carbon reduction and reducing the impact of vehicles on our city centre are both council ambitions. We want to ensure that business deliveries to be ultra-low emission vehicles (for example, electric vehicles) or cargo bikes by 2030.

To achieve this we're exploring options for trans-shipment hubs, which will allow city centre deliveries to be collected at a central point outside the city centre, and then transferred by electric vehicles or cargo bikes.

Key questions we asked about deliveries in the city centre

Do you agree that York should aim for city centre deliveries to use ultra-low emission (electric) vehicles or cargo bikes by 2030, and, do you support exploring options for trans-shipment hubs?

This survey has now closed. Thank you for providing feedback on key questions.

City Centre Access consultation

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