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City Centre Access consultation - open brief

Improving city centre cycle routes

Background to improving city centre cycle routes

It is currently considered that there would be an unacceptable level of 'conflict risk' between cyclists and pedestrians, particularly at periods of high footfall, if a two-way segregated cycle route (Parliament Street, Davygate, Blake Street) was permitted.

There is insufficient space, within the existing carriageway layout, to provide a safe arrangement for two-way cycling in Parliament Street while allowing for vehicle access, out of footstreet hours. Significant changes would need to be made to the signalised junctions at either end of the route to accommodate contraflow cycling.

What you’ve told us about improving city centre cycle routes

In recent consultations between 21-26% of survey respondents cited cycling as a ‘useful’ way to access the city centre, whereas only 19% of respondents listed cycling as their primary mode of transport. 15% of respondents regularly travel into the city centre by bike, with less than 1% using e-scooters/e-cycles.

When asked why individuals might be deterred from cycling into the city centre, feeling unsafe on the road was the most common response. The inner ring road was referenced as the most unsafe area for cyclists, which some deemed unusable if travelling with young children.

It was also flagged that in order to get to certain cycling routes considered safer, other unsafe roads without cycling lanes or provisions had to be accessed first. Stonebow was cited as an example of this, due to the competition of space with a large number of buses.

Key questions we asked about improving city centre cycle routes

How can we work with cyclists to co-design improvements to the existing cycle routes around the edge of the footstreet area, and secure cycle storage in key cycle park hubs (with people then continuing on foot)?

This survey has now closed. Thank you for providing feedback on key questions.

City Centre Access consultation

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