Food hygiene rating scheme

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Most food businesses are inspected by us and given a food hygiene rating. Check local ratings using the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme website, run in partnership with the Food Standards Agency. Ratings reflect how well a business meets food hygiene laws, with zero indicating ‘Urgent Improvement Necessary' and five meaning 'Very Good'.

Businesses may display their score on a window sticker, but this is not compulsory. See how the Food Hygiene Scheme works for businesses for more details.

Types of food business included in the scheme

Most food businesses that supply food directly to the consumer are included in the scheme including:

  • restaurants, cafes and takeaways
  • shops, delicatessens and  supermarkets
  • care homes, hotels and pubs

Businesses not included in the scheme include those where the business includes personal information. An example is child minders. These people will have the opportunity to opt into the shceme if they wish.

    Some businesses are still included in the council's food hygiene inspection programme even though they may not be part of the hygiene rating scheme, including premises selling only low risk food and manufacturers who do not supply food directly to the consumer.

    Scheme disclaimer

    The food hygiene rating does not reflect the quality of food or the standard of service provided to customers. It is not an endorsement of current standards but merely reflects the score we awarded a premises at the time of their inspection. Nevertheless, we try very hard to make sure the information is correct. The food hygiene rating scheme adheres to the FSA's brand standard.

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