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Our 10 Year Strategies

We're planning to follow a sustainable approach to developing the city’s ambitions for the decade ahead through Our Big Conversation.

To create and maintain conditions, under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic, and other requirements of present and future generations.

This means that sustainable approaches need to consider the interdependencies between actions that might affect the environment, society, and the economy. Or put simply: Enough for All, Forever.

We can't deliver the city's ambitions alone. We've worked closely with the city to develop 3 strategies to inform city-wide direction over the next decade. These strategies cover climate change, health and wellbeing, and economic growth.

Although some of the priorities are for us alone to deliver, the majority are for the city, and we will work closely with partners over the decade ahead so our ambitions become a reality.

Our 10 Year Strategies

The 10 Year Strategies are:

  • The Climate Change Strategy
  • The Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • The York Economic Strategy

Climate Change Strategy

The Climate Change Strategy follows a Full Council Motion in 2019 that declared a climate emergency and set a target to be net zero by 2030.

Read more about the Climate Change Strategy: at the heart of our recovery.

Health and Wellbeing Strategy

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy is a statutory duty of the council. The current strategy is from 2017 to 2022 and is due to be refreshed in 2022.

Read more about the Health and Wellbeing Strategy: healthier happier lives.

York Economic Strategy

The York Economic Strategy was due to be updated in 2020, however the pandemic meant a different approach was needed

Read more about the York Economic Strategy: help shape York’s economy.

See more information about the Our Big Conversation: 10 Year Strategies Consultation.

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Developing the 10 Year Strategies

The 10 Year Strategies were developed over a period of 18 months by speaking to residents, businesses, community groups and partners.

The resident engagement plan for the strategies was approved at Executive on Thursday, 22 April 2021 (item 123).

The Our Big Conversation attitudinal survey helped us understand what’s important for the people who live, work and study in our city.

Over 2,000 participants, including residents and businesses, took part to tell us about different aspects of living in the city, which helped inform our 10 Year Strategies.

We helped shape the strategies and covered different aspects of climate change through a mixture of technical and industry roundtable meetings, focused stakeholder and partner discussions and through business groups, and health and wellbeing workshops.

The York Big Question took place during winter 2021 to 2022, engaging residents and third sector groups in what good health and wellbeing looks like to them.

Several key co-production projects have fed into the development of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy, such as the Community Mental Health Transformation Programme.

In May 2022 the Health and Wellbeing Board members held a workshop to agree the outline contents, building on this engagement and on the statutory Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, recently refreshed by the Public Health Team.

More targeted focus groups to explore strategic themes with target demographics took place throughout May and June 2022. These targeted groups invited participation from residents who did not engage in Our Big Conversation to make sure we had a blend of perspectives shaping the strategies.

Now we're inviting residents, businesses and stakeholders to review the draft 10 Year Strategies and tell us what they think about what it will be like to live in the city in 2032 through the Our Big Conversation: 10 Year Strategies Consultation.

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10 Year Strategies Scrutiny Committees

There are 3 Joint Scrutiny Committees being held in July 2022 to discuss the draft 10 Year Strategies.

See more information about how to participate in the Joint Scrutiny Committee Sessions and register for public participation.

The joint scrutiny committee on 12 July will also discuss transport priorities for the city to help inform the Local Transport Plan currently in development.

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Strategy development Decision Sessions and Scrutiny Reports

The following Public Committees or Executive Decision-Making Sessions considered the development of the strategies.

Climate Change Scrutiny Reports

Health and Wellbeing Decision Sessions and Scrutiny Reports

Economy Decision Sessions and Scrutiny Reports

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