Planning and building

Archaeological investigation

If your planning application is considered to lie within an area of archaeological interest or area of archaeological importance, you may need to undertake an archaeological investigation ahead of or during the works you are proposing.

You'll need to complete an Operations Notice form if you're carrying out any ground disturbing work within the 'area of archaeological importance' if not covered through a planning application.

See our guidance document for utility companies and developers regarding archaeology and working in York.

All archaeological work must meet the standards set by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIFA). We also endorse the Regional Statement of Good Practice for Archaeology in the development process and expect these standards to be adhered to when conducting archaeological fieldwork.

Requirements of archaeological investigation

We publish a list of archaeological contractors we recommend that you contact for different quotes for your works. The organisations and individuals included have either worked in or expressed an interest in working in York, however, it is not a list of approved contractors.

Guidance for archaeological work

We've provided an explanation of the most common types of archaeological works including the level and quality of work we expect to be undertaken.

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