Accessibility statement

We are committed to making our website as accessible as possible for all customers.

Text preferences

Text size

If the text size used on our website is too small or large, you can adjust it in our accessibility settings.

You can also change the text size using your keyboard. Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and use '+' or '-' to increase or decrease the size. Alternatively, follow these steps for your prefered web browser:

For Internet Explorer (IE):

  1. Select the 'View' menu (usually at the top of your screen).
  2. Choose 'Text size' from the menu and then click the size that you prefer.

For Firefox:

  1. Select the 'View' menu (usually at the top of your screen).
  2. Choose 'Zoom' from the menu and tick 'zoom text only'.
  3. From the same menu click 'Zoom In' or 'Zoom Out' to change the size.

Font and spacing

Our accessibility settings allow you to change the font and letter spacing on our website.

Colour preferences

Our accessibility settings allow you to choose your colour preferences for our website.

Listen to this website with BrowseAloud

BrowseAloud can help if you need reading support or prefer to listen to information instead of reading, it's particularly useful if you have dyslexia or a mild visual impairment.

Download Browsealoud to have the text from our website read out loud. As you highlighting each word it will be spoken in a high quality, human-sounding voice.

More than 7,000 websites use BrowseAloud, so once you have it on your device you can listen to all of those websites too.

Language translation with BrowseAloud

BrowseAloud can translate our web pages into 78 languages, which can be helpful if English is not your first language. Translated text can also be spoken out loud, if a 'matching' voice is available (currently 35 there are voices for languages).

Help with BrowseAloud

A full range of support services are provided for BrowseAloud:

Other translation services

Although our website and documents are written in the English language, we will provide information in other languages and formats on request. We also offer a phone translation service. Find out about our Interpreting and translation services.

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