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Births, deaths and marriages

Ceremonies at York Register Office

We've provided the following information to help you prepare for your big day:

Ceremonies in the Bootham Suite

You can hire rooms in The Bootham Suite if you want a ceremony as part of your civil marriage or partnership.

  Guest limit Cost Monday to Thursday Cost Friday and Saturday
Larger room 9 or more* £269.00 £366.00
Smaller room 8 £157.00 £215.00

Your ceremony in the Bootham Suite can be enhanced with readings, your own vows and music; you'll also have access to the picturesque gardens - find out more about facilities at York Register Office and what to expect on your ceremony day.

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Small celebrations at York Register Office

Small marriages and civil partnership celebrations can be conducted in the Register Office (subject to availability), with a guest limit of 2. The cost for these ceremonies is £46.00.

These ceremonies will be held in a working office and not in one of our Bootham Suite rooms.

You'll need to arrange your own witnesses. We're unable to provide any witnesses on the day of your ceremony.

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Non-approved venues 2-part ceremonies

Currently a marriage or civil partnership ceremony must be held in an approved venue to be legal, however if you are looking for an alternative venue you can contact York Register Office to discuss your options.

If you are looking to have a ceremony in a venue that is not licensed, or in a truly unique setting such as outdoors or in a non-permanent structure such as in a marquee or under a pagoda for example, York Register Office may still be able to accommodate your dream ceremony. One option is to have a 2-part ceremony.

We offer a 2-part ceremony where you have the legal ceremony in our Bootham Suite. This usually takes place on a Thursday. You can invite up to 8 guests, however, the minimum to attend is 2 witnesses.

The second celebratory ceremony can take place at a venue of your choice in our district, this includes such venues as:

  • your home or garden
  • a boat
  • a farm
  • a special place that means something to you

The second ceremony would not be legally valid in itself, so instead we would ask you to attend the Register Office to complete your legal marriage or civil partnership registration at some point before the non-legal ceremony. This would mean that you could have your preferred location for your ceremony, with our registrars acting as civil celebrants, but would still be legally married or in a civil partnership at the end of the ceremony. Remember that you and your partner would still need to give notice of intention to marry or enter civil partnership at the latest 29 days (71 days if either of you is a non-EEA national) before the date of the legal ceremony.

This venue would require a risk assessment and you would need permission from the proprietor. You can email: for further information about 2-part ceremonies.

The fee for the 2-part ceremony is £699, which includes the cost of the risk assessment and both ceremonies.

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Getting married elsewhere in York

See a map of 'approved' marriage venues in York. The fees for registrars to attend these venues are:

  • Monday to Thursday: £557.00
  • Friday and Saturday: £646.00
  • Sundays and Bank Holidays: £699.00

This is in addition to the fee for 'giving notice of marriage' and is totally separate to any fee charged by the venue.

Please make postal orders payable to 'City of York Council' or pay by telephone using your debit or credit card (terms and conditions apply). We do not accept cheques.

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Booking a ceremony at York Register Office

Contact York Register Office to provisionally book a date and time for your marriage or civil partnership. This can be more than a year in advance of your proposed date, if necessary.

You’ll need to pay the non-refundable, deductible deposit of £50.00 when you book.

Outdoor Ceremonies

The law has recently changed to allow ceremonies to take place outdoors in the grounds of an approved venue. If the venue wishes to offer this, then they must first obtain confirmation from the local authority that the location for any outdoor ceremony is seemly and dignified. You should contact the venue for more information.

If your chosen venue has an approved outdoor structure or outdoor linked area and you would like your wedding ceremony to take place there, the venue should provide you with a copy of an outdoor ceremony agreement form. This form must be completed and returned to us at least 8 weeks prior to your ceremony.

Please note that you should make additional plans with the venue to hold your ceremony in one of their approved ceremony rooms in case the weather is inclement on the day. The indoor ceremony room must be able to accommodate all of your invited guests.

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