You can find accredited properties on the YorProperty website.

YorProperty is an accreditation scheme for private landlords and agents who provide accommodation in York. It promotes good quality, well-managed private accommodation and helps tenants by identifying and advertising properties which meet the scheme standards.

Accreditation is only given to landlords and agents of properties who are committed to:

  • making sure their property meets the standards of the scheme
  • confirming they are a fit and proper person who will treat tenants fairly
  • attending the property management training organised by the scheme or other relevant bodies

Landlords can register for YorProperty accreditation on the YorProperty website.

Expected standards

If your landlord or their agent is a member of the Landlord Accreditation Scheme, you can expect:

  • accommodation that meets agreed standards of health, safety and comfort
  • affordable warmth and a safe energy supply
  • agreed security measures
  • an assurance that repairs will be completed efficiently and to agreed time scales
  • reasonable written terms in the Tenancy Agreement
  • deposits secured in a tenancy deposit scheme
  • a courteous and professional service

YorProperty accreditation fees

The accreditation fee consists of a membership fee of £50, plus an administration fee based on the number of properties:

Number of properties Fee
1 to 5 properties £35
6 to 10 properties £75
11 to 30 properties £105
31 to 100 properties £210
100+ properties £310
Additional fee per 50 properties over 100 £300

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