York is marking the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War I.

We want as many people as possible to participate in city-wide commemorative programme of events, between October 1 and November 11, 2018.

Get involved with WW1 Commemorations

Alternatively you can download a form to get involved and return it by email (before 3 August 2018*) to the WW1 Commemorations Project Coordinator.

Take part in WW1 Commemorations

If you're a creative individual, part of a local community group, local venue, parish council, work in a local shop, etc, get involved to embrace the anniversary by:

The overall aim of the programme is to commemorate the 100 year milestone, while fully reflecting:

  • the horrors of war, including the suffering caused by the 37 million military and civilian casualties during the First World War
  • a diversity of perspectives on the causes and consequences of the war
  • a commitment to learn the lessons of the past to help build peace in the future

Download our WW1 Commemorations toolkit for guidance on how you can support the programme, access funding, publicise your event, an event checklist and information on national schemes available as part of the larger World War One milestone.

See a list of what's already been submitted for inclusion in our programme of events.

Host a WW1 commemorative event

The biggest contribution to the WW1 commemorations is to create your own event, one that we can include in the overall programme, and promote on your behalf.

You could hold a:

  • lecture or film screening
  • performance
  • art project or exhibition
  • community project
  • restoration project
  • WW1 inspired street party

...or something else entirely, of your choice.

We're looking for a wide variety of events to showcases the city’s contribution to marking this commemorative occasion - complete a WW1 Commemorations - Get Involved Form (before 3 August 2018*), or contact the WW1 Commemorations Project Coordinator to discuss any queries or ideas, prior to submitting them.

* Event details received after the closing date will not be included in the printed programme, but will be promoted online.

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Provide free resources for others to commemorate WW1

If you're unable to host an event you can still get involved and support the project by:

  • providing a venue where an event could take place
  • providing equipment others could use as part of their event
  • volunteering to help at someone else's event.

Whatever you're able to offer, complete a WW1 Commemorations - Get Involved Form (before 3 August 2018), or contact the WW1 Commemorations Project Coordinator to discuss your ideas, prior to submitting them.

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Help to promote WW1 commemorations in York

Once we understand the plans for WW1 commemorative events in the area we'll release a full programme of events and various marketing materials. You can help to promote the WW1 Commemorations by:

  • sharing information via your mailing lists
  • posting about events on your social media feeds
  • publishing information in your newsletter
  • talking about events at your community group
  • displaying posters in your venue or workplace
  • providing printed programmes in your venue or workplace

How ever you're able to spread the word, complete a WW1 Commemorations - Get Involved Form (before 3 August 2018), or contact the WW1 Commemorations Project Coordinator to discuss your ideas, prior to submitting them.

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Our involvement in WW1 Commemorations

The council is involved with co-ordinating plans across the city; we want to ensure that as many people as possible are involved in commemorative events in York.

"The war saw horrifying loss and suffering and, whilst being called ‘The war to end all wars’, it of course proved to be far from that. Whilst all those who fought in the war have sadly now died and those who lived through it are now few in number, it is vital we continue to remember those who gave their lives in WW1 and those who have subsequently died in defence of our nation.

We’re keen to find out whether people are already planning any commemorative events and, if they are, what the council and its partners may be able to do to support them. We also want to hear if there are any particular events on commemorations that people would like to see in the city."

Councillor Chris Steward

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