We carried out a programme of roadside traffic surveys throughout the city on 14 May 2019. We thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout.

The date of the survey was not revealed in advance as we didn't want people to change their travel plans to avoid the survey, and wanted the results to be as true to normal as possible.

While we have various ways of understanding how many journeys are made in York, these in-car surveys will give us vital information about why and how journeys are made, where people started and where they are going. This helps us plan improvements to the way we manage traffic in the future.

The survey involved stopping drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists, asking them voluntary questions about their journeys. All information was collected on a strictly confidential basis and made anonymous.

The locations were selected because:

  • they could accommodate an additional lane, enabling us to minimise disruption to normal traffic
  • they were on key routes
  • we were able to carry out the surveys safely

Safety on the sites was a priority. Police officers managed the traffic at the survey sites, and trained specialist staff carried out the surveys.

If you experienced any problems or if you have any questions, contact our Network Monitoring Team.

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