The Portage Coordinator will make an initial visit to explain Portage, to talk to you about your child and to find out convenient times for home visits.

If you think Portage would be a good idea for you and your child, a home visitor will then contact you to start work.

Portage home visits

The main focus of most home visits will be to plan an activity for you to work on with your child over the following week.

There will usually be a time for general play, which will help your home visitor get to know your child.

It is important to find some time to talk, which will give an opportunity to discuss any issues and to exchange information such as advice from therapists.

Your home visitor will arrange a mutually convenient time for visits. As far as possible, this will be a regular day and time each week.

The home visitor will complete a weekly record sheet, outlining the main points of the visit. A copy of this will be given to you.

Portage activities

Portage activities are usually best done a little and often. It is helpful if you can carry out and record the activity each day between visits, as outlined on the activity chart.

Portage review visits

After a few weeks of home visits the Portage Coordinator will accompany your home visitor to make a review visit. This will be repeated every 6 months.

Before the review visit you and your home visitor will gather information about what your child can do. You may also start to put together some ideas of what to work on next.

The main focus of the Portage review will usually be to set long term goals, but other matters may arise from discussion. The review will also enable us to check that Portage suits you and your child.

We will also be able to talk to you about your child’s future education.

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