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Marygate Resurfacing Scheme

From Monday 6 February until Friday 17 February, we’ll be reconstructing and resurfacing the road and footpaths on Marygate, including the section between Bootham and Marygate Lane. We expect to complete the works in mid-February.

Marygate current works update

From Monday 13 February to Friday 17 February we'll be closing the eastern footway between Galmanhoe Lane and Bootham. We will also be making good the kerbing adjacent to Marygate car park, where the contractor’s compound has been located throughout the work.

Disruption for residents and businesses will be minimal and vehicle and pedestrian access, and resident’s parking will not be affected.

From 13 February no further road closures will be required, and the works should be completed on Friday 17 February. Marygate car park is now open as usual.

To help minimise disruption and complete the works as quickly as possible, work is being typically carried out between Monday to Friday only. The work will be carried out by Lane Rentals on behalf of the council.

Currently there are significant defects in the surface of both the road and footpaths, making it uneven and unsafe for pedestrians and vehicles to use.

These works include:

  • completely renewing the road and damaged footpaths
  • introducing a number of formal uncontrolled pedestrian crossings
  • removing and replacing any damaged York flagstones, kerbs and concrete pavers

We'll also be undertaking archaeological watching briefs as part of the works and are working closely with our conservation officers as the road and footway are in close proximity of our city walls.

We would like to apologise for any disruption that the works cause, but restrictions are in place to keep residents and visitors safe.

If anyone has any issues during the working hours, speak to the staff on site and we’ll try to correct any issues straight away if we can.

Location of Marygate resurfacing works

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Purpose of the works

Over the years the road and footpath surface has become damaged or worn but we are now investing around £475,000 to reconstruct and repave:

  • Marygate and Marygate Lane
  • Frederic Street
  • Hetherton Street
  • Esplanade Court

This includes new surface and concrete foundations. The new surface will better withstand vehicle use.

We'll also be introducing a number of formal uncontrolled pedestrian crossings.

Impact on traffic and parking

Before the works start, we'll install signage along the route explaining what we are doing, and will place ‘open as usual messages’ clearly in the area.

Traffic marshals will be on site between 7.00am and 5.00pm 5 days a week to assist.

The works will be carried out in phases so that residential parking will be available throughout the works, but sections of road will be closed off at certain times.

Throughout the works (not including during full road closures), alternative resident disabled parking will remain on Marygate, wherever possible. During a limited time only, space will be made available on an adjacent road as close to the residents' premises as possible.

From 13 February no further road closures will be required, and the works should be completed on Friday 17 February.

Impact on pedestrians

Access will be available for pedestrians at all times but a section of footpath on each side will be restricted.

Access to Museum Gardens will be maintained at all times, and we'll install 'Open as usual messages' in the area.

Pedestrian routes and access to all businesses and properties will be retained throughout the duration of the works. If you have any issues, please speak to the staff on site so they can be resolved as soon as possible.

Impact on buses

It's anticipated that buses will continue to operate as normal, however there will be delays when travelling through the junction. See the iTravelYork website for more information.

Impact on local businesses

Access to all properties and businesses will be retained at all times.

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