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My City Centre York Vision

My City Centre York Project update

The My City Centre York project has been paused temporarily as staff are redeployed to the coronavirus emergency response. Thank you for all responses to date which will be taken into account when we recommence. We look forward to resuming discussions on the long term vision for the city centre soon.

The My City Centre York project vision is to:

“engage the public and stakeholders to develop a long term social, environmental and economic strategic vision for a sustainable future for York city centre”

The My City Centre York Vision will develop as the project unfolds, and in response to the My City Centre York conversation, to set out a plan for the city centre.

This vision will help to ensure the city centre continues to perform for the social, economic and environmental good of York and its residents. This will include helping the council and partners to:

  • respond to the current challenges facing the high street and being prepared to respond to future and emerging trends
  • promote resident and public use of the city centre
  • create a supportive environment for local businesses to thrive
  • make informed and targeted investment decisions to maintain a successful city centre
  • access public funding by having an approved, community owned strategy and vision
  • encourage inward and private investment and lending confidence to existing investors and occupiers
  • maintain and enhance York’s reputation and role as a driver of regional growth
  • maintain a historic city centre that thrives and compliments York Central and other regeneration

City centre challenges

York’s heritage, cultural attractions and independent retailers means our city centre is busier and has far fewer empty shops than most UK city centres. But we are not immune from the impact of internet shopping, government-set business rates and economic changes felt across the country.

My City Centre York is an opportunity to shape the future rather than respond to it. We already know some of the issues and challenges from our regular conversations with people and businesses across York, which include:

  • balancing and meeting the needs of both residents and visitors
  • conflicts between users of bars/ restaurants and the traditional family shopping centre
  • deliveries and waste collections to commercial units
  • parking, accessibility and sustainable travel
  • condition of public spaces and pedestrian areas
  • big retailers leaving large retail units
  • underuse of floorspace and upper floors of buildings
  • employment moving out of the city centre
  • the unsuitability of existing buildings for other uses
  • balancing the need for counter terrorism measures with good accessibility for all
  • heritage and planning issues
  • climate resilience, carbon and sustainability

The My City Centre York conversation will give voices from across the city the chance to reflect on and add to these challenges. The My City Centre York Vision will set out how we can maintain and improve York’s economic, social and environmental performance. The vision should be well-supported and survive the challenges the future might hold because we’ll have developed it together, with public engagement at its heart.

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