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Low Emission Taxi Grant Scheme

We are promoting the uptake of low emission taxis to help improve air quality in York. This is part of a wide ranging package of measures to reduce emissions from buses, vans, taxis and private cars.

We are offering financial support for eligible CYC registered taxi drivers to upgrade their vehicles to low emission variants. The scheme provides grant funding of up to £3000 to purchase petrol hybrid, plug-in hybrid and some petrol/diesel vehicles. Funding can also be used to support running costs of fully electric vehicles.

To find out what we do with the information you provide if you apply for a Low Emission Taxi Grant, please see our Privacy Notice.

To be eligible for CYC grant funding, you must:

  • be a taxi driver licensed to work in York by City of York Council
  • intend to use the grant-funded vehicle as a taxi in York for a period greater than 12 months and present the vehicle you are buying for a minimum of 2 successive annual taxi licensing checks in York (unless the vehicle is written off or the vehicle licence is surrendered)

What type of vehicle can I buy?

  • vehicles eligible for the council’s taxi grant scheme need to be hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric1
  • hybrid vehicles must be a minimum of Euro 6 standard and have CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km
  • a small selection of low emission petrol/diesel wheelchair accessible vehicles qualify2
  • non-wheelchair accessible petrol/diesel engined vehicles do not qualify for the grant
  • any existing taxi you are trading in must be over 5 years old
  • vehicles should meet all other relevant CYC Taxi Licensing criteria

How do I apply?

  1. choose your preferred taxi from a local main dealer and check it is eligible for the grant
  2. agree a price with the dealership
  3. the dealership will contact us to confirm grant availability (limited numbers apply) and then reduce the purchase price of the vehicle accordingly by up to 20% (capped at £3000) for petrol hybrid / plug-in hybrid vehicles, or 15% (capped at £1500) for a limited range of wheelchair accessible petrol/diesel vehicles
  4. we make the grant payment directly to the dealership

Further Information

For more information, contact City of York Council’s Public Protection team via email at or by phone on (01904) 551525.


1 Vehicles eligible for the government’s plug-in grant (see are not eligible for CYC funding for vehicle purchase. This also applies to second-hand vehicles that have previously benefitted from a plug-in grant. A CYC grant fund of up to £3000 to assist with vehicle running costs is available for such vehicles (e.g. electric vehicles). Please contact us for further information.

2 Must have an Air Index ‘A’ rating for NOx, see

Also see

Public Protection - Air Quality

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Telephone: 01904 551525