The government has provided an extra £1,006,000 of funding for road improvements in York. It will be used for works such as:

  • repairing potholes
  • keeping local bridges and structures safe and open
  • necessary minor highway repairs

The funding comes from a £420 million allocation for local highways maintenance, announced during the 2018 budget.

Department for Transport funding allocation

The Department for Transport (DfT) provides capital funding, through the Maintenance Block Grant, to support the delivery of our Local Transport Plan, including:

  • Integrated Transport Block: £1,570,000
  • Highways Maintenance Block needs element: £1,827,000
  • Highways Maintenance Block incentive element: £383,000
  • Pothole Action Fund: £65,803

Our spending on highways schemes

Download a breakdown of spending on individual highways schemes.

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