Schools and education

Help with travel to school or college

If you're eligible (see below) you can:

Return your application form to us by email or by post.

For bus passes you should either:

  • post a passport sized photograph with the name of the pupil printed clearly on the back
  • email a photo in a JPEG format, with the name of the pupil in the subject line. You can send a picture from your phone if the photo is a head shot against a neutral background

Remember to include any proof of low income, such as your Tax Credit Notice TC602 with your application.

The closing date for applications for travel to college or sixth form is 30 September each year.

Your eligibility

Before you apply:

See our home to school transport policy for more information.

Your data

When you complete an application, we will use and process your information for the purposes of your application, but also for providing children's education and supporting your child's teaching and learning.

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