Stonebow road closure

Stonebow will be closed from Monday 18 February for approximatly 6 weeks. During this time, many bus services will be affected.

See more information about the bus route diversions on iTravel.

Major improvements will take place on Stonebow, Fossgate and Pavement between January and April 2019.

We're investing £1.1million to:

  • improve the appearance and character of the streets
  • create a more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly environment
  • maintain vehicle access for residents and deliveries
  • attract more visitors to the area

Find out more about the proposed works, anticipated timeframes and how to plan your journey during the works:

Benefits of the Stonebow, Fossgate and Pavement improvements

Improvement work will include:

  • excavation with assistance from archaeologists
  • reconstruction and resurfacing of roads
  • footpath widening and reconstruction, including lower kerbs

We consulted with businesses, traders and residents in September 2018 about improvements to the 'streetscape' and changing the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to reverse the traffic flow on Fossgate.

As a result, these works will include:

  • improving the quality of Fossgate by repaving extensive sections of footway, using Yorkstone paving
  • retaining existing cobbles (for conservational reasons), but replace poor quality road surface elsewhere
  • upgrading and reconstructing the Pavement junction
  • mending significant defects in the Stonebow road surface (caused by failing concrete), including between the Garden Place and Piccadilly junctions
  • improving pedestrian links into Fossgate from the city centre
  • widening footpaths at their narrowest points at the top of Fossgate to allow easier access
  • creating a gateway at the Walmgate junction to improve links into Fossgate, and ensure restrictions are clear
  • introducing areas on Fossgate footpaths (called 'build-outs') for use by street cafés
  • adding benches and cycle stands to improve and aid accessibility
  • using 'build-outs' to control on-street parking and allow deliveries to take place at specified locations
  • introducing traffic calming measures to control vehicle speeds
  • adding pedestarian crossings to improve safety

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Construction stages of the Stonebow, Fossgate and Pavement improvements

The 12-week scheme will be carried out in phases, aiming for completion by early April (weather permitting):

  • Fossgate: starting on 7 January, with full road closure from 14 January for approximately 12 weeks
  • Stonebow: full road closure from 18 February for approximately 6 weeks

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These works have been coordinated with improvements to Walmgate to minimise disruption and inconvenience; they're taking place at a point in the year which we understand (through consultation) to be quietest for businesses in the area.

Download our Stonebow, Fossgate and Pavement improvements leaflet for maps of the construction phases and affected bus routes.

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Impacts on city centre access and transport

The major works to improve Stonebow, Fossgate and Pavement will have a significant impact on travel in the city centre and on public transport.

We're aiming to keep this to a minimum by:

  • allowing traffic one way access from Colliergate, turning right only, onto Pavement towards Piccadilly at certain times
  • permitting deliveries on Fossgate and Stonebow during certain times, managed by traffic marshals
  • providing temporary crossings to ensure pedestrian access is maintained, with assistance from traffic marshals between 6.00am and 5.00pm each day
  • maintaining access to shops, cafés and restaurants while promoting a 'businesses open as usual' message
  • maintaining access to the taxi rank on St.Saviourgate
  • allowing bus services to operate normally for the majority of the works (passengers should check
  • putting restrictions in place to keep residents and visitors safe

Our Stonebow, Fossgate and Pavement improvements leaflet includes maps of the construction phases.

During road closures we cannot guarantee vehicle access. However, all properties and businesses will be accessible on foot at all times, and traffic marshals will manage deliveries (via Fossgate only).

You're advised to expect delays; we suggest you plan ahead, allow more time for journeys on these routes and consider alternatives, using use public transport where possible.

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Bus route diversions during improvement works

Our Stonebow, Fossgate and Pavement improvements leaflet includes:

  • maps of the construction phases
  • details of affected bus routes

ITravel York provide more detailed information of current bus route diversions.

Visit for more general up-to-date travel information.

We would like to apologise for any disruption that the works cause; please speak to our staff on site and we’ll try to correct any issues straight away, if possible.

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