The Council Plan is our corporate strategy for the next 4 years it will:

  • shape the way the council works
  • set our vision for the future of the city
  • explain our areas of focus
  • help us to support a good quality of life for residents
  • set out how we propose to deliver improvements
  • help us to monitor delivery and measure performance

Consultation on The Council Plan

We're in the process of developing The Council Plan for 2019 to 2023 and want your views on what it should include.

We're asking what you think we can do as a council, and what you – as an individual, or representing a group or organisation – could do to help make York the best place it can be for everyone.

Online consultation

Our consultation asks what the 'outcomes' we're proposing mean to you, including:

  • good health and wellbeing
  • well paid jobs and an inclusive economy
  • getting around sustainably
  • a better start for children and young people
  • a greener and cleaner city
  • creating homes and world-class infrastructure
  • safe communities and culture for all
  • an open and effective council

Each outcome is part of what a city needs to achieve quality of life - successfully achieving these outcomes will depend on the way the whole city (individuals, communities and organisations) collaborates on the things that matter the most.

Get involved in The Council Plan consultation

In addition to the online consultation we'll be displaying information across the city, where you can add your comments - watch this space for details.

We’ll also be attending some community meetings to get as many views as possible to feed into our council plan - we'll post more information shortly.

Previous Council Plans

Our Council Plan for 2015 to 2019 was based on our statutory responsibilities and 3 key priorities:

  • a prosperous city for all - where local businesses can thrive and residents have good quality jobs, housing and opportunities
  • a focus on frontline services - to ensure all residents, particularly the least advantaged, can access reliable services and community facilities
  • a council that listens to residents - to ensure it delivers the services they want and works in partnership with local communities

In our Council Plan for 2011 to 2015, we set out our priorities and produced a 'high level' action plan 5 priorities:

  • create jobs and grow the economy
  • get York moving
  • build strong communities
  • protect vulnerable people
  • protect the environment

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