COVID-19: Volunteering and community support

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Community hubs - helping our residents

Our community hubs are working to support the most vulnerable and medically shielded residents. They are working with community groups and our volunteers to

  • support the most vulnerable residents with delivering foods
  • deploy York's pool of volunteers
  • support people with collecting and delivering their prescriptions
  • support community pharmacies with deliveries, working with Move the Masses

People needing help because they are directly affected by coronavirus and have no other source of help or who are struggling financially, should email or call 01904 551550. The helpline is open seven days a week.

Read about how we're helping those who need food packages.

See some of the work going on to support people out of the city’s Community hubs.

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Volunteering during COVID-19

Volunteers can register to help protect the emotional health and physical wellbeing of residents during the coronavirus situation.

Register to volunteer

While following government recommendations to stop non-essential social contact (to slow the spread of the COVID-19 infection), you can help to focus on those who need most support, including people who are likely to experience limited physical contact for long periods of time.

Volunteering tasks can be done remotely for those who are not able to meet people, for example:

  • speaking to people on the telephone
  • registering enquiries
  • bringing food parcels
  • finding and providing information
  • shopping
  • picking up medications

See government advice on coronavirus: how to help safely.

Organisations - voluntary or commercial - who are trying to help residents through the emergency, can ask us for volunteers to help them deliver services for which they don’t charge. Email and each request will be considered.

See some of the work to support the people of York including some of our many amazing volunteers.

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Helping others safely

There are many people in our community who have the funds to buy food and are able to continue supporting local business, but are not able to leave their homes,

Find out how you can help the people around you safely who are unable to go shopping for themselves.

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Community learning

Our Community Learning Team, York Learning, is posting daily challenges online, together with virtual courses, to help you keep mentally active during the coronavirus lockdown.

Get further information about the classes and lifelong learning opportunities from York Learning or via Facebook: York.Learning.CYC, or twitter: @yorklearning.

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