Our Public Protection Unit's COVID Support Marshalls (COVID Marshalls) help support local businesses and residents, and to keep the city safe.

All of our COVID Marshalls will carry City of York Council identification and will never ask for money.

COVID Marshals provide support and advice to businesses and people in the city centre, and surrounding areas, offering PPE, advice and information.

They are also working with York BID Rangers and North Yorkshire Police, providing support when dealing with challenging or unsafe behaviour.

Providing support for businesses

Our COVID Marshalls support businesses by reminding them of the latest COVID guidance. Where appropriate COVID Marshalls may also help businesses in York by:

  • supporting COVID-safe queuing
  • checking on sanitation stations
  • checking contact tracing activities

Providing support for residents

Our COVID Marshalls regularly patrol public areas, popular walking spots, supermarkets and testing sites, in order to:

  • support social distancing
  • discourage people from gathering in groups
  • advise shoppers about face coverings

They're also helping to keep public areas COVID-safe and tidy by wiping down traffic crossing buttons and picking up dropped face masks.

Reporting concerns

Anyone wishing to report concerns about how the COVID regulations are being observed should contact our Public Protection Unit.

Also see

Public Protection Unit

Eco Depot, Hazel Court, York, YO10 3DS

Telephone: 01904 551525