Coronavirus and homelessness

During the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to our established hostels, we're working with private providers to place single homeless people, with lower support needs, in single rooms; these can be used to self isolate if needed.

We're currently sending food to these customers, and plan to use volunteers to support staff doing this.

Safety measures in hostels during coronavirus

We're mitigating the risks of spreading coronavirus in our hostels with:

  • extra sanitising measures in addition to our routine cleaning programme
  • use of social distancing
  • staffing the hostels to meet resident welfare needs while protecting staff
  • supporting customers with self-isolation

Rough sleeping during the pandemic

A small number of rough sleepers don't want to engage with our services and choose to stay outside, they're getting hot drinks and sandwiches; hot food is available to them.

Rough sleeping doesn’t appear to have increased during the pandemic.

Rough Sleeper services are operating as usual - for a bed, please go to 63 Lawrence Street, or telephone: 01904 416562.

Avoiding homelessness

We’re contacting all vulnerable households, and those known to be struggling with rent; we’re taking a flexible approach on enforcement.

We're continuing with our services for people concerned about homelessness, and these will be done online or by telephone.

If you're concerned about homelessness telephone: 01904 554500, or see more information about Housing Options.

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Housing Options

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