Additional Restrictions Grant

The Additional Restrictions Grant is a discretionary scheme designed to aid York businesses which are affected by COVID-19 restrictions, but who are not eligible for Local Restrictions Support Grant (for open or closed businesses).

The scheme is available to:

  • businesses with permanent fixed premises in York, where trade is impacted by more than 75% due to lockdown, and who may or may not be liable for business rates in York (market stalls or pitches are not considered a fixed premises)
  • businesses run by a York resident, where trade is also usually conducted in York for 75% or more of the time, and where trade is severally impacted by the lockdown restrictions

The government sets national criteria for funds to be paid, our local offering uses those criteria. If eligible, businesses will receive different amounts depending on their circumstances.

Be aware that:

  • we'll only consider paying grants to businesses where all of the eligibility criteria are met
  • grants to businesses will be treated as taxable income
  • for partnerships, each partner would need to make a separate application for the business to receive more than 1 grant

Additional Restrictions Grant payments

If eligible, the payment businesses receive depends on certain circumstances:

  • up to £1,334, per 28 days in Tier 3 or 4, for businesses with fixed commercial premises costs (rent payable to a landlord)
  • £500 per 28 day qualifying restriction period, for businesses without fixed premises costs*
  • £2,000 per 28 day qualifying restriction period, for businesses with a rateable value of more than £15,000, but less than £51,000
  • £3,000 per 28 day qualifying restriction period, for businesses with a rateable value greater than £51,000

* Examples include a mobile hairdressers (falling under leisure and beauty mandated to close), taxi drivers (leisure sector mandated to close) or commercial electricians (non-essential retail mandated to close), and market traders.

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