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Welcome to iTrent HR Self Service

What is iTrent?

Welcome to iTrent HR Self Service. Self service is a web based system which allows City of York Council employees to view and, in some cases, update some of the information held on the City of York Councils Human Resources database, iTrent.

Who can use iTrent?

iTrent will be available to all council employees and is being introduced in phases. HR will inform you of your user name and password when you have access.

To log in to iTrent Self Service click on the icon below: 

iTrent logo

What must I do the first time I log in?

(For further information on the items below, refer to the pdf documents on the iTrent guidance section using the link at the foot of this page)

  • Setup your e-form preferences

Provide an email address where your electronic payslip will be sent, you will also need to set up a secure password to enable you to open the payslip from the email you receive.

  • Setup your memorable information

Set your memorable information. This will be used if you forget your user name or password in the login screen.

  • Check your personal details

Check that your personal details are correct on iTrent and update where required. Here you are also able to check and update your sensitive information.

What do I do if I have problems logging in?

If you have your login details and are experiencing problems logging in to the system and have not set your memorable information, please email the iTrent project team or call: (01904) 55 1032 / 55 3410 (when the system is live the contact will be HR Systems Support).

If you are unable to access the database due to a system error please email the ICT Service Desk or call (01904) 55 2222.

Further Information

For further information please see the iTrent guidance page.

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