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Chapel at York Crem

Most people choose cremation and there is a great variety in the style and format of ceremonies. As well as Church of England, Roman Catholic and other Christian funerals, our two chapels cater for Hindu and Sikh and many more religious groups.

The main crematorium chapel

The main crematorium chapel can seat 90 people with space for a further 50 standing. There is also additional space within the entrance area. The chapel is lined with rich wood panelling and creates an atmosphere of warmth and serenity.

York Crematorium - music selection

York Crematorium has recently installed a digitised music system which has enabled us to enhance and improve the quality of the services being offered to the bereaved.

An important part of the funeral service is the choice of music and to help you we have provided a link: which allows you to view our current music library. The library is divided into three sections and updated every week.

The time allocation within our chapel is 25 minutes between services with music played at entry, committal and exit. However, in certain circumstances you may wish to include one or two hymns or substitute the hymns with a piece of music.

You can select any type of music that you wish whether it be religious, classical or popular music. If the requested piece of music is not held within our library and as long as it is commercially available we will endeavour to obtain the requested item. However we will need up to 72 hours before the date of the funeral service to do so.

It is important that the music played is of the best quality and for this reason City of York Council have invested in new equipment together with a "state of the art" sound system. Although we will do our best to accommodate any request possible we do not have the facilities to play tapes. However, if you have a CD with a piece of music that is not commercially available we will endeavour to play it. However, we will require the CD one working day prior to the service to guarantee that it is compatible with our system.

We can also offer the facility at an additional cost to produce a high quality digital CD recording of the funeral service.

Once you have made your music choice or would like the service recorded please let us know via your funeral director or if you have any queries or concerns contact us on (01904) 552071.

Religious services                       

Each service lasts 30 minutes and your funeral director usually arranges for a local minister to take the service. The service can take place directly at the crematorium or in your own church before you reach the crematorium. In this case the minister would carry out the "committal" service at the crematorium which lasts around ten minutes. Otherwise a full service can take place which may comprise of sermon, prayers a reading and perhaps one hymn.

Visit the Churches together website for more information about church groups.

Ethnic minority services                       

We offer a high standard of care and support to each member of the community, regardless of their beliefs and culture, to have a cremation service which is meaningful to them and their loved ones.

Non-religious services            

See funerals.

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