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Hazel Court Household Waste Recycling Centre
Hazel Court
YO10 3DS

The site is located on James Street Industrial estate, off Lawrence Street. It can also be accessed from Layerthorpe, via Hallfield Road and the new link road. The site is on the right hand side of the road after the community loans equipment centre.  Please enter through the first set of gates as indicated (the second entrance is for service vehicles only).

Location map of Hazel Court household waste recycling centre

The link above shows you a map of Hazel Court household recycling centre using our online maps (Localview). You can zoom in and out of the map.


If you are a householder bringing your own waste to the site in a hire vehicle, van, vehicle with trailer or other large vehicles you will need a booklet of free householder permits to access the sites.

Map of facilities

You can download a map of the facilities at Hazel Court via the downloads link on the right hand side of this page.

Opening times

The opening times for Hazel Court are:

April to September

  • Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 7.00pm
  • Sundays 8.30am to 4.00pm

October to March

  • Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 5.00pm
  • Sundays 8.30am to 4.00pm

Please note that the last entry to the site is 15 minutes before the advertised closing time.  Vehicles coming to site after this time may be refused entry.

The site is closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. The site will be open on all other Bank Holidays.

Proof of residency

We may ask customers for proof that they pay council tax in York. Non York residents can dispose of their rubbish at Hazel Court for a charge of £10 per visit in a normal family car. If any chargeable waste is brought to site this must be paid for in addition to standard £10 charge. (see list of chargeable waste below)

What you can Recycle and dispose of onsite

Facilities are available to recycle and compost the following materials:

  • Paper / Cardboard / Cans / Glass / Tetra Pak cartons
  • Hard Plastic (such as Toys / patio furniture)
  • Textiles / Shoes
  • Garden Waste/ Soil/ Rubbles/ Turf
  • Electrical Equipment / Fluorscent Tubes/ Fridges & Freezers
  • CD's / Cassette tapes/ DVD's
  • Household batteries
  • Wood / Scrap metal
  • Car oil / Gas bottles / Asbestos
  • General landfill waste


     Disposing of the below items will incur a charge (all other items are not chargeable)

    • Brick Rubble
      • Van or trailer: £21 per visit (up to 500kg)
      • Normal family car: £11 per visit (up to 250kg)
      •  Pre-paid sacks: £2 per sack (will be available soon)
    • Gas Bottles
      • Small: £7 (up to 10kg)
      • Medium:£11 (10kg - 20kg 
      • Big or specialised containers: £36.50
    • Plasterboard
      • £5.50per sheet
      • £5.50 per bag
    • Asbestos
      • £11 per sheet (up to 50kg)
      • £5.50 per bag (£5.50 per bag
    Asbestos must be double wrapped in clear plastic. for more asbestos information please see our Asbestos guidance pages.

    Payments must be made onsite by credit or debit card only. No cash payments can be accepted. 

    If you are disposing of chargeable waste in a large van or have a trailer you will still require a permit to visit site using these types of vehicles. Please make sure this is in place before you bring your waste to site.

    Please see below for further guidance on some of these materials that can be recycled on site


    It is also possible to take asbestos to the site, this needs to be double wrapped in plastic - see rules for taking asbestos to the site. 

    • Please contact us before taking asbestos to the site so we can check there is sufficient room in the container. 
    • When you get to the site please speak to a site attendant who will show you where to put the asbestos.
    • We cannot accept asbestos from traders. If a tradesperson has removed the asbestos on your behalf then they are responsible for its safe disposal at an appropriate site.  Please contact the Environment Agency to find out local disposal facilities

    Green garden waste containers

    The green garden waste containers are a great way to compost your large or excess garden waste items that are too large/too much to fit in your green wheeled bin or home compost heap.

    • YES PLEASE - grass, hedge and shrub clippings, old plants, weeds, leaves.
    • NO THANK YOU - plastic bags, soil, rubble.

    Garden waste collected in the designated containers is taken to Harewood Whin where it is composted using the Windrow process.

    Soil and turf

    There are composting containers provided for soil and turf at the site.  Please do not put brick rubble into these containers.

    Rubble containers

    Designated skips are provided for rubble. This waste is taken to Harewood Whin where it is sorted and crushed to produce fines and aggregate that can be used in landscaping and construction work.

    Wood containers

    Old pieces of wood and timber can be placed into the wood recycling containers. If you are unsure whether something can go into the containers please ask a site attendant. Wood is taken and chipped and made back into wood boards.

    Scrap metal, electrical equipment etc

    There are areas at the sites set aside for the disposal or recovery of scrap metal, electrical equipment, fridges, chemicals, batteries and gas cylinders.  Please ask a site attendant for help finding these facilities. 

    Hard Plastic

    All plastic placed in the skip must be RIGID. For example, broken toys, toilet seats and garden furniture can go into the skip but a plastic curtain rail cannot as it is flexible.

    Only rigid plastic is accepted as during the recycling process the plastic is chipped down into small pieces and flexible plastic does not do this. So unfortunately you cannot place the other types of plastic packaging that cannot be recycled kerbside into this skip (i.e butter tubs, plastic meat trays)

    Hard plastic that incorporates metal (such as garden furniture) can be placed into the skip as the metal is removed during the recycling process.

    Fridges and freezers

    Fridges and freezers from households can be left for recycling at both household waste recycling centres free of charge. Please remember, If these items are brought to site in van, trailer or flat bed vehicle you will require a permit

    Trade Waste

    Trade waste is accepted at this site, for details see our Commercial waste disposal sites page.

    If you declare that the waste you are carrying as being from your household, and not from a business activity, you might be asked to fill in and sign a waste declaration form before you are allowed onto site.  These forms will be inspected on a regular basis and any irregularities will be investigated.

    For more information on your responsibilities as a business disposing of your waste please see our Commercial waste disposal sites page.

    Hazel Court

    Telephone: 01904 551550

    Hazel Court Household Recycing Centre, Hazel Court, York, YO10 3DS

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